Looking for your soul - Quiet Deviless

Decided to try and reacquire my soul, having carelessly been robbed of it whilst flirting a tad too closely with a Quiet Deviless.[li]

Recently an opportunity arised. I duly followed all the leads I could find, and ran across her roaming the Forgotten Quarter. Regrettably, it turns out she used it to settle a gambling debt.

I’ve scoured the City high and low, checked every location, and I’m not able to progress any further. Is this an Opportunity, or am I missing something?

Well, that was typical. It would appear one does indeed need to wait for an Opportunity to present itself.

You can also get your soul back with a bundle of oddities with the value 100. Certain storylets can give you that, although you’ll need to check the wiki to find out which.

This is a revival, but I want to know -
How are other people managing the Intimate of Devils stories?

On the one hand I’m quite tired of them cluttering up my deck, and I have no desire whatsoever to be - “abstracted”, is it? But I’ve found it quite impossible to be rid of them, and I wonder if maybe the opportunities to increase Quirks are worth the trouble.
Do less of their cards show up when you reach higher levels?

I keep the cards around, because I like getting diamonds and little trinkets from then. When it comes time for abstraction, I decline, and the Intimate quality drops, allowing me to cycle through again. If you keep spurning their advances, the Intimate level will drop to one. You’ll still get the initial card. Only way to get rid of that is to tank your Connected: Devils

wouldn’t stained soul also ruin it? Course that’s a high price to pay…

You said it yourself, Ben.

They’re a plague on your deck, for sure, especially when you’re higher level and have 5 million other cards to sift through. But if you want to trim your deck, there are far easier ways to do it.

i think the one initial card is probably better than possible 4-6 cards later though.

There are a few benefits to keeping them around in other storylines though.

I’ll maintain that the best way to get rid of them is to let them have your soul. And then you can get it back however you see fit, and they still won’t show up. Though there was a way to lower An Intimate of Devils at the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, so if it gets lowered enough I guess they might become interested again.

I’ve heard tell of rather valuable things that one can trade a soul for, but the better ones are locked behind fate, and the worse ones are, well, not as good… thus the information is a wee bit limited…

In short isn’t there something better to spend your soul on, then just to not be given a card?

[quote=Ben ]In short isn’t there something better to spend your soul on, then just to not be given a card?[/quote]No. Avoiding unwanted cards is the best, make no mistake. And you can get your soul back easily enough, I’m sure. The Topsy King and the Fisher-Kings and the second part of the University all offer storylets with Bundles of Oddities that should have at least a 0.5% chance of giving a soul back if it’s missing.

That’s still a lot of fishing to get it back. (that said, if these numbers are right it’s about a 66% chance to get it back if you spend an entire day with them so it shouldn’t take tooooo long if you’re determined.)

Otoh, that’s a lot of not particularly useful cards I keep drawing…

Also I haven’t seen any better option than the Intimate of Devils storyline, though I could be wrong.
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Last Hallowmas they apparently had a Fate-locked option (2 Fate I think?) to buy Cantigaster Venom in exchange for your soul. So that would probably be a better option. And then after Christmas you could sell your soul for a Night-Whisper and five Storm-Threnodies, which was what the Urchins were selling a pail of so-called snow for, once it had been revealed that those were needed for the new lodgings. No telling which seasonal holiday content might be recycled and in what form, but it might be worth it to wait and see.

Another thing; All the Intimate of Devils options up to Abstraction? lock at 15. If you don’t want to sell your soul or tank the quality, that leaves only two cards.