Looking for Scandal: please dupe me!

As i have been grinding renown: tomb colonies, and the best place to gain that is obvious, i am seeking means to arrive and leave the scandal area quickly. As such, Scandal Dupes are going to prove highly effective- please send me some! [be warned- i will be heading in-and-out of london unreliably.]

[Current status: Et ego Parabola. No longer going to keep this updated much, unless I’m spending a prolonged period in london. Still will take scandal, but i’m kinda going from one menace area to another pretty fast, now.]

[I will consume no more than 4 scandal dupes before heading back to the tomb-colonies, for faster travel back-and-forth. If it’s highly urgent, mark it with something to clearly indicate that, and i’ll prioritize it. otherwise, first come, first served- though i will need to consume everyone’s eventually, as i need like 24 more trips to-and-fro assuming they all work perfectly and give all 7 favors before i return.]
edited by Grenem on 6/18/2016

Will do! If you happen to have any Nightmares to spare, send them my way. :-)
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Still looking for scandal! please, send me all you can!

I’ll send you some requests these week, @Grenem.

Sent a few more. ^_^

Could everyone dupe me as well? Make sure to say you are doing that in the message, of course. I need more Tomb-Lions.

I don’t mind sending you some, but . . . I think you can only have one tomb-lion at a time :-S

Edit: You’re not coming up as eligible to dupe, for some reason.
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That’s the problem. I need to get enough Scandal to get to the Tomb-Colonies. Get a Tomb-Lion, get back to London, use the Tomb-Lion for Fate-locked reasons, and repeat the process. Oh, and I just went to zee to catch some Plated Seal, but I’m back now.

[EDIT: I no longer need additional Scandal.]
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