Looking for people to join me at Dante's Grill

[li]I am looking for young, promising stars to join me at Dante’s Grill for a nice dinner. Apart from benefiting from a reduction in your Wounds and Suspicion, I could also help with any other endeavours. And of course, I pay the bill. Interested, please contact me through the forum and I will send you the calling card and the invitation.[/li]Edit: I just draw the Neath’s Mystery Card, so if you accept my invitation for dinner I could also provide you with an Extraordinary Implication, 200 Cryptic Clues, 21 Maniac Prayers or 111 Whispered Secrets, whatever you decide.
edited by John Vazquez on 1/30/2014

My alt, Proverbial Footloose, would be happy to join you for dinner if you still seek someone with whom to share conversation over a nice plate of hearts. Her profile is here: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Proverbial~Footloose [li]

She is also amenable to pretty much any other social action - she’s a friendly sort, as long as you don’t mind her occasionally pondering her next move in the hunt she’s currently engaged in.

Thanks. I will be pleased to meet her :)

If you don’t mind another person attending I am curious as well to be attending it for dinner, rather than just on usual business .

If you don’t mind a question, John, how many CP of Waves have you been acquiring from each dinner? My character brought ~99 CP to the table today, and while she did not mind being rid of it all, discovering only a tenth or so of her Waves made their way to her dining-partner had her quite disappointed on their behalf.

Sorry, Cordial, but I am not good with numbers, so I do not record exactly how many CP I made

I know it’s rather late; if you are still looking for company I would certainly be glad of some.

It is not late. I added you to my friends and will send you the calling card and the invitation as soon as I have some actions

I’m afraid I might have spoken too soon–I need my Making Waves after all! But would be delighted to make your acquaintance and perhaps exchange gifts, all the same.

Not a problem, and we can always invite each other for regular dinners in order to increase our MW

I am happy to announce that, thanks to the help of some wonderful friends, I have been recognized as an Author.
As I will not need any substantial amount of MW.s in the near future. I will not host any more meals at Dante´s until further notice.[li]
edited by John Vazquez on 2/19/2014

Congratulations, Mr. Vazquez!