Looking for Help With Simple Mod

I’m looking for someone willing to help me figure out how to create a small shop mod. I’m just trying to make it possible to sell drowning pearls in the Nephrite Quarter, but I am having no luck whatsoever in making this work. I’ve been following the guide to making a shop over on the Steam forum, but I’m left scratching my head at where I’ve gone wrong. If there’s someone with a better head for modding out there willing to chat and help me out, I’d be incredibly grateful.

What do you have right now code-wise? In what way are things not working?


Adding/editing stores is failry easy but I understand it can seem confusing from the first look.

In short, you are going to need a program like Notepad++ to open and edit the .json files, and most likely a plugin like JSTool to process the text into a more readable form.

Then, go into qualities.json, locate the ID of the drowning pearls.
Go into Exchanges.json, find Khan’s heart. You should see a list of availables shops (red stallion publishing and the other one). For each store there is a list of &quotAvailabilities&quot

For each availability, there is a Quality (what you purchase) a cost (the price of the purchase) a Sell price, a purchase quality (the &quotcurrency&quot used for the transaction, often echoes) and an ID.

For a new transaction, start by copying the code of an existing one, and put it right after the other availabilities of the shop. Then edit it. You’ll need to put the ID of the drowning pearls in Quality, set the prices, check that the purchase quality is echoes (ID: 102028), and give it a new, unique ID.

Hope this is comprehensible, and will get you started :)

Thanks friends, and sorry for my delayed response. I did finally figure out what I was doing wrong – forgot to place [ ] around all my code. I feel rather silly, but here we are. My secret store is up and running now! :D