Looking for Foxfire Candle Stubs

I need a great amount of Foxfire Candle Stubs to carry on with my ambition, but I do not know where I can grind some. I currently have Watchful 35 Persuasive 25 Shadowy 13 and Dangerous 7. Any leads? [li]
Many thanks

fallenlondon.wikia.com is filled with spoilers, but is a great reference. According to that (it’s been forever since I was at the earlier levels of the game, and much has changed), you may want to check out the Befriending a Rooftop Urchin storylets from your lodgings.

At your levels the following are worth checking out:

‘Wot do yer say?’, when befriending a rooftop urchin (80, one-off)
The nature of souls, when advising a vicar (300, one-off)
Smash the statue, in the comtessa storyline (400, one-off)

Seduce the group’s leader and convince them to leave with the Bohemian/Church conflict card (60, card)
Attack an Indomitable Chandler, when ‘a Participant in Knife-and-Candle’ and attacking minor players (50, card - elusive check)
Daring is needed, on &quotwill nobody help the fellow&quot (12)
Either option when A Polite Deacon needs discreet work (24, card)
Your mysterious benefactor, if you’ve got an obtrusive bowler hat.

I recommend the conflict card (get connected in both of those up to 5+) and the one-off actions.
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Thanks for your help. I did the Vicar long time ago and used the candles. Also the Urchin. I will check the Contessa, that will be enough for my purpouses[li]
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When I was at a similar stage in my ambition (lightfingers), I ended up grinding other items and selling them to pay for the candles, which was not very efficient but I really struggled to find many within the game.

I ended up wasting a huge amount of them too because I tried to do the next step in my ambition well before I was shadowy enough!