Looking for Flame-proof Missives

So, I’d like some Flame-proof Missives. I’ll help you with menaces, or I could give you a letter. I just need to increase it to 10 for Christmas, I’m SuperHGB in-game
Edit: I no longer need SoTC, I reached 10 in time

This can be arranged. To whom in London should the missive be addressed?

G’day, I’m SuperHGB (London and forum)

I attempted to send but apparently you “need qualities” which you don’t posses.

Are you acquainted already? It’s considered impolite [in-universe, so impossible mechanically] to send important letters without having your calling card accepted.

Ugh. The conventions of society are so tiresome! I shall fix matters anon.

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Hey, do you have Influence 90?

I am also looking for flame-proof missives. My username is User_G_96995