Looking for First City Coins

Hello all,

I started playing this game in the winter and I’ve been having fun. I now reached the point where I need 1000 First City Coins for my lab upgrades, but I only have 260 saved up. I’m doing my best to grind them (yes I prefer this over the Mirthless Compendium grind, which is significantly more… mirthless) but it’s slow.

If anyone would be willing to part with some excess First City Coins, it would be greatly appreciated. And of course if there’s anything you want in return, let me know! I recently became a Correspondent so I could send Flame Proof Missives for example.



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I’ll play – but you need to get back to London proper. FPM are welcome in return. Also, once you have your railway, there is a good option for first city coins. I’m pretty sure I managed to upgrade my lab some other way.

I think I might be pretty far from the Railway still. There is the option of doing this with mirthless compendiums and devilish probability devices instead, but I’d prefer to avoid that, coins are cooler. Anyway, I should be back to London proper now.

Thank you Jacob Stadtfeld and Fazer_Beam for the gifts :slight_smile: