looking for an author to come to dinner

Anyone with the profession of Author willing to accept an invite to come speak at my Salon?

Fancy that, my impresario was just about to advertise my literary tour! I’d be delighted to entertain you and your eminent guests. I hope you have nothing against dark and stormy nights…

Thanks; done. (Oh, and you’re Lord Crumbledon. I wrote your forum name down in my list of people wanting boxes that might be cats and when I never saw you I thought you were taking an extended trip at Zee or something. Well, you’ll get next box.)

Sir Fred’s an Author, and delighted to attend any future events.

I was indeed at Zee, trading surface-silk in Polythreme. Lovely island… As you may have overheard during my reading at your salon, I’m no longer in need of a cat, the one I have is enough of a pain as it is… I’m at the stage where I could share secrets…

(FYI, being invited raises your making waves and gives you a confident smile)

This is a thing? Well, I am a renowned author, and would love to speak!

I am currently an author and would be pleased to receive invitations!

ETA: I am a correspondent now, and so presumably am no longer eligible for this invite, alas.
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Author here as well, happy to receive invitations!

I’m making more than enough waves already but as an author I’m always happy to speak at any salon and entertain my fans.

Do please send any invitations to my agent.

I am available for speaking engagements

As am I. @djcrashoverride

I would be delighted to do so. My main character (cathyr19355) is an Author and willing to accept invitations to speak at Salons.
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Ember Keelty has written a few books and would love to tell you all about them!

ETA: I am now a Correspondent. Inviting me to your salons to discuss my current work is no longer a good idea if you enjoy your townhouse and would like it to remain not on fire.
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Would the deliciously-named Ember Keelty still be available for an evening appearance?
muninnhuginn would be delighted to welcome you to a select soiree.

As I’m in town today, I would be delighted to read to your friends some passages of my latest vampire novel: &quotCave Twillight&quot. ;)

I’d be happy to sample a little Muscadet ;)

Hello, I am an author and would be delighted to talk your guests’ ears off about politics.

I’de be honoured to help people in need :)

The Nemo is certainly available to speak at gatherings! Of course, I don’t want to bore my -own- guests, so I may hit up other authors to speak at my own salon. A little squid-pro-quo, as the rubbery men say, eh wot?