Looking for an author to attend my salon!

My salon is looking to have an author to attend as a guest of honor! If you’d like to be this guest, please reply below with your profile so I may invite you.

Here you go. My character is the author of several books: An Allegorical Satire, a Patriotic Adventure, a Tale of the Future, and an Epic Poetry Cycle filled with mystery and magic.

Though, FYI, this is probably best done in the Singing Mandrake section of the forums.
edited by Anne Auclair on 10/5/2016

In the future please post this in the “Enlist Other Players: The Singing Mandrake” area.

Ellia is also an author who would be happy to help you out, if you still need one, or if you ever do in the future.

I, Amsfield, would be sure to delight and amuse your guests. Titillation purely by request.