Login to this forum?

Okay, I’ve been logging into this forum with my Google account using the OpenID thing. I can’t have it opt to remember me so I decided to register and connect the Google account to this one, so I could use the same name. And while this forum will recognize the name Joy Phillip as having been used here, I can’t log in with the &quotForgotten Password&quot link. It sends me my user ID and a password, but when I try to log in, I get &quotuser ID or Password Incorrect&quot. [li]

So I’m wondering what I need to do or if the admins can do something.

I am so sorry but this one is beyond me - could you maybe do a quick bug report?

I know where to send an email for bugs with FL, where do I send it for this kind of problem?

Send it to the same place please joy.

I had a bunch of problems with the forum login too. It seems to be a completely different profile than that of your StoryNexus account.