Log Book in place of Locale?

I was wondering i we could use the space deemed for Locale that was decided to be less then useful as a place for log book so we can see the events in the logbook larger then the small corner piece where it is. If there already is a way of making it larger then could you please inform me, there have been a few too many times when I’ve missed out on missions because i forgot which locale I needed to visit to complete the mission.

+1 to this. The log book window is too small at my resolution and squirrely (mouse scrolling tends to make it jump too far) to make for pleasant reading.

Or just a ledger of prices in ports we’d recently visited.

It could be both, a mission log dedicated to what ports we’ve been and the shops/prices of things in those ports. Just have everything listed by ports so this way we now who wants us to go where, what we can get when we get to there and not have to have a completely separate out of game note pad to keep these notes.

Agreed. Using the space for an active quest log would also free up the character page immensely.

It would also be nice to not have the combat log lost to the ages after a fight is over, since it’s nice to know exactly what you got hit with but it can be hard to keep up in the heat of battle (I realize that I could just pause, but I’m usually too focused on micromanaging illumination levels to remember that!)