Because of a kind lady I am now living in a spare room!
I can’t and don’t want to stay there forever, and there is a lot of lodgings to select.
Please give me some advice about them?
Do they have any special pros and cons?
Should I buy them all one day? Or is buying one to get 3 or 4 cards enough?

Getting more cards in your hand is very useful, and each one gives a new opportunity card, many of which are useful in the early game.

In the late game it can be a downside to have those low-level cards in your deck, but the devs have said they’ll add the ability to sell lodgings one day, so it’s not a huge concern.

Rooftop Shack - Best option early on and a good source of wine if you make a friend in prison
Gambling Den - Get later, when you are a Person of Some Importance
Lair in the Marshes - Wait and see, since the main draw is connection with Society, but FBG is revamping how factions work

Smoky Flophouse - Do not get, a trap option
Rooms above a Bookshop - Do not get, a trap option
Cottage by the Observatory - Do not get, a trap option

Townhouse - Almost mandatory later on, needed for other things
Premises at the Bazaar / Royal Bethlehem / Brass Embassy - Pick one first, but eventually most players will buy them all

For a new player, I recommend getting the Rooftop Shack early on for the third card, and only the Shack.
The other lodgings provide the same benefit, but quickly become a menace as you progress.

The Townhouse and the last three lodgings will become relevant when you reach 100 in all four stats, but before that they provide little benefits and is difficult to acquire.
edited by Estelle Knoht on 8/18/2015

“One day” does not guarantee that we’ll live to see it though. I would not buy all of the 3-hand lodgings if I were you.
I think that the elegant townhouse is required at one stage to become a POSI, no ? Maybe that’s a good choice if you were to pick only one.

Oh, and by the way, there is something wrong with the link in your signature. You should look into the matter.

Seconding what Estelle said.

I would point out that the four/five card lodgings (bazaar, royal bethlehem, brass embassy) are not equal. The Premises at the Bazaar has an extremely profitable card (provided that you have the stats for it). The other two are more situationally useful.

Many thanks! I have also fixed my signature xDD

Having earned enough Shrieks, I will be buying the Shack. Having my own home is too urgent, and according to you all it is the best option for me so far.

I feel it should be noted that the Smoky Flophouse has an option which is generally considered good which lasts for quite a long time, although with the faction changes hitting Criminals first and soon who knows what will happen to it. That option does eventually lock, though, so if you’re looking to the long-enough term that you’re going to Polythreme and want a good deck, it becomes an issue as stated.