Lodgings card advice (and card rarity)

Hey, folks,

I’ve been wondering, how rare are the various Lodgings cards? I recently got the “The Lofty Tower” card, but I’m not yet a PoSI (my highest stat, Persuasive, is at 79, and the rest are in the mid-40s) and thus the price to buy a permit is prohibitively expensive. Should I try and save the card until I can afford the lease, or should I discard and ignore it until I’m more wealthy?

You know, having some sort of rarity rating on some of these cards would be REALLY nice…

Discard it until you are ready to acquire the Bazaar Permits. You’ll see it pretty often. Or at least I do.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 3/14/2013

It’s not that rare. Honestly, I’d hold off on getting the highest tier of lodgings until you’re a PoSI. If you want it for the card you draw as part of becoming a PoSI, having all the lower tier lodgings is much more doable.