Locked out of Implacable Detective card options

I can’t use any of the options on the implacable detective card other than the chess game. It’s saying I have ‘Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive target’ more than one but it’s not coming up in my progress and I can’t remember any story I’m doing that would have that. Anyone else with the same problem and/or a solution?

The quality is found in the “Story” section, not in your Progress. If it is not there, then it would seem to be a bug worth reporting.

I know the quality sticks around for a while if you do the screaming map (since there’s a delay on the map delivery) but that should only be a few days.

Ah right, can’t believe I didn’t see it before, I was trawling through all of my qualities and didn’t spot it. I am in fact still in a game of cat and mouse with the naval officer. Thanks for that.