Location-dependent options on cards

I know there are certain cards that only show up at certain locations in London, but are there any example of options on a card that will show up if you’re in one place, but not in another?

If not, does anyone other than me think this would be a very interesting future idea for the FBG team to explore? It seems like it would open up whole new avenues of exploration.

I don’t think that exists at present. It’s an interesting idea, but location-specific cards already cause some confusion, so that seems a bit too complicated.

Hey, future SMEN update maybe? Already got challenges that change difficulty when you refresh the page.

There’s something similar. Been doing Light Fingers on my alt and at one point you search for information, the option appears in every area, with a skill check (shadowy iirc?) each time, but even on a success you find nothing unless it’s done in a specific area.
Tbh, as novel as it was, having that be more common through cards would get rather annoying rather quickly. Running to each area each time with cards to see all options when there are currently cards that may involve specific locations but don’t require being in them