Locating Items of Influence

Hello friends!

Would anyone perchance know a profitable source of influence items? I have a few Intriguing Gossips, but other than the occasional opportunity card, I’m not sure where to obtain more-or even WHAT the other items are! :\ I desperately need some for the Bazaar Sidestreets.

Any help is much appreciated!

Stolen Correspondence can build into other Influence items, and can be farmed by robbing couriers at one of the Unfinished Business storylets. Can’t remember which one specifically.

Unfortunately there isn’t a dedicated source of Intriguing Gossip which is worth the actions. The best source of Compromising Documents is the Foreign Office.
I’m guessing what you need are really Nights on the Town, Personal Recommendations and, most importantly, Strong Backed Labour.
If this is the case then I recommend going to Wilmont’s End and using the Missing Women storylet to obtain your Strong Backed Labour and using your Talk of the Town storylet to obtain Personal Recommendations.
As for a Night on the Town, the only thing I can think those will be used for is Pursuing a Constant Companion(in which case pick a better option to pursue them) or the Heart’s Desire Ambition. If it is the latter, I recommend you DO NOT get yourself banished from court just yet, but instead wait until you have come to that part of your Ambition, return to the Court and see if you can knock out two opera with one stone. If you have already Banished yourself, then I say get your Documents from the Foreign Office and bite the bullet on the Intriguing Gossips and convert the 50 you need from Stolen Correspondence.

If you do not have any of these storylets yet, then I recomend boosting your stats until they show. An opportunity card for them should appear at 105, which for PoSI is right around the corner. Take advantage of the storylets at your level before you commit yourself to grinding just yet. It’s a lot more fun.
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 2/17/2012

Thank you both for the assistance! I’ll be sure and stock up on Stolen Correspondence, and it sounds like I must make my way back to Wilmot’s End.

Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction!! :D