Loading times

I’ve been coming back to a project I had here, and doing a little more work as well as some testing for it. While playtesting, however, the loading times have been insanely slow. I’m worried that once I open this up to people to mess around with more (my target audience isn’t likely to be familiar with storynexus games), that the slow loading times will really put people off. [li]

Has FL been having these troubles, or is it only SN? And is this is a temporary issue, or something that I’m going to have to consider down the line?[/li][li]
edited by Chimerical on 3/26/2014

FL is loads quickly for me now. However, the other SN game that I’m playing has a very slow loading time.

FL is loading crazy slowly for me lately, I don’t think it’s just you!

It comes and goes in random intervals for me. A little frustrating, although I suppose that they may still be sorting out the server switching.

My own SN game has been suffering a bit lately. It’s not so bad recently, but it’s always worse than FL.