Living Stories?

I am aware of the Life Unobserved (Shadowy) and What Was That Strange Dream (Watchful). Are there Persuasive and Dangerous versions? If so, what unlocks them?

Persuasive is the Subject of Admiring Attention, which you can get by a rare success in telling a risqué joke in the Singing Mandrake. A Name Written in Blood, the Dangerous counterpart, isn’t accessible after you’ve outgrown the “Donate your body to science for an hour or two” storylet. You might still be able to access it if you’re Troubled by Vermin, but I’m not sure.

I have well and truly outgrown ‘Donate your body to science’ and am free of vermin. Do you know which storylet it is?

Ah, so you can’t access it anymore. Here’s the storylet you’d get to play through if you’d like to read the text: Name Written in Blood

The Persuasive one is always available through Becoming Known in the Singing Mandrake (the risqué joke). Might take a few tries, but it’s there. :)

I think the living stories have become somewhat buggy. Life Unobserved still works for me, but I can’t get the other two to appear. I even get the “a living story will begin soon” message, but it’s never followed up on. Life Unobserved is the only one that ever appears.

I find it terribly frustrating that I can get the other 3, but not Dangerous. I feel like I’m constantly grinding my Dangerous, and it is getting boring :(