Live specimen?

I never find any and I’ll need some, can someone help?

It’s very difficult to obtain. You need to have extremely high Veils (to trap a Live Specimen in a random explore event), extremely high Pages (to win a Live Specimen in a riddle-game), or extreme combat capability and patience (to hope that the Unprepossessing Mass from some zee-beast holds a Live Specimen).

Or you could just buy one in London if a previous captain of your dynasty has already died at zee. Then it is not difficult to obtain at all.
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I spent… quite some time parked outside Port Cecil with a pair of binoculars and eventually managed to catch a beast. If only I hadn’t… I hadn’t… well, nevermind what I did.

you can also trade with the lost explorer in the kingdom of hands. I think he’ll trade you one for a flare or recent news or something unbelievably cheap.

That is the other way around he wants a live specimen for something else that you might need in the Empire of Hands.

Nah, you give him a Live Specimen for a flare, not the other way around. So not worth it unless you’re rolling in Live Specimens for some reason.

edit: I have been ninjed!
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