Little UI feature request :D

Hi I’ve bought the game and I love it :D:D:D:D I can’t wait to leave the office go home and play! I’ve just a small request/improvement that I would really like to see implemented in the game.

I’ve loved sunless sea as soon I’ve watched this trailer Sunless Sea: Launch Trailer - YouTube . I leved a lot how the captain’s notes were written on the sea, I was a bit disappointed to see that in the game actually all the notes are written in a box at the bottom-left corner of the screen. I could be really nice to have the ability to see these messages written on the sea :D (of course it will be a toggle, maybe someone do not like it) maybe the messages should be a little bit more blurry (adjustable) and/or distorted by the waves movements (not so much, I still need to be able to read), like if the notes are written on the rocks under the sea.

I was also thinking about:

  • Clear transparent water, it will depends by the location of course :D (this will also make sense if you implement the &quotnotes on/under the sea&quot feature)
  • Film grain effect?
  • Really small random water drops from the stalactites (we are in a cave right?)

Sorry for my english

I haven’t played Sunless Sea in a while, but I think this is rather a good idea.
Especially if there’s the option to have it show in your log (bottom corner), on the open space in the zee, or showing up in both places so you can see it on the ocean but read it again later after it fades.)

@Vento, perhaps email this to suggestion to

That is what I was thinking about :D

I agree! Seeing the logs presented in that fashion was what tempted me to buy the in the first place. The text definitely looses its oomph when confined to the logbook.
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edited by ThreeTen22 on 8/6/2015

Transparent water doesn’t sound like it would work, but, aesthetically speaking, this sounds like it would otherwise. Not sure how much work it would take to implement, though.