Little Questions (Post your own too!)

I keep coming here and thinking &quotI don’t really want to clutter things up with tiny questions that could maybe be answered quickly&quot, so why don’t we just make a thread for them?

Little question 1: Does anyone know what the heck to do with &quotA Devilish Passenger&quot? He was doing illegal things on Carillion and I offered to take him away.

I’m not sure. I thought he might want to go to the Well of the Wolf to bump up the choir, but I guess not.

I thought the same thing, but I’ve taken two others to the well and he still isn’t into it.

Not a question but more of a suggestion to the devs. I actually managed to play the whole reach and a good part och albion without ever assigning any of my crew (officers, maskots, enginer etc). It never occured to me that you have to manually assign them when you get one. Maybe it’s just me that’s dumb and don’t read carefully, but I do think once you get your first officer he/she should be auto-assigned to your crew. Just my opinion.

Oh I just remembered a question I had when I played yesterday: Why is the hp system gone? I mean there’s not display of enemies health at all except that their ships start burning when it’s almost done for.

Sorry last one: Yesterday I experienced a slowdown in speed when travelling in the Reach. I was superslow, probably half the speed it usally goes. But when I encountered some bees the locomotive suddenly gained a massive speed boost and then when I was out of reach from the bees the locomotive slowed down again. Can someone explain to me what happened and how the game regulates speed? Thanks a bunch :)
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This! It makes me reluctant to engage with any potential enemies because I can’t really visualise how my little engine’s pop-rocket is going to fare against the various foes of the Reach.

Question. Spoilers for Aunt questline. Did Your Inconvenient Aunt actually heckin’

kill February? Because if so, Feb is becoming more and more of a push-over by the minute!

I’m having troubling progressing the cult quest line at Avid Horizon. The Jovial Anchorite wants me to… acquire a certain list from one of his opposite numbers, if you catch my drift, but I see no option to do so, even after partying down repeatedly with the appropriate faction. How the heck do I get the names?

Oh, I’ve got this one: Make them like you enough and don’t party, just go back to the person who gave you the quest.


There are a couple of Avid Horizon quests that use cult affiliations like this. For this one,

I think you need to have your Sanctified and Displeased affiliations at 2 each and you get the option to talk to the traitor. Failure bumps your status with the Displeased by one, so you get 2 shots at it without using Uncanny Specimens. Success advances the quest and costs you a crew member.

Thanks, Garuda, that did it! Two cults down, one to go.

My initial question was patched out, woo. So next up: Does having smuggling reputation do anything other than make a number go up every time you smuggle?

Wow, long time since I’ve been here.

So, I’m not sure if this counts as a quick question, but I didn’t want to start a new topic for it either, so here goes.

I’ve been noodling about the game and not really enjoying it (seriously, it is BLEAK) - my plan was to do Song of the Skies & then have a second captain pursue the martyr king’s cup and / or the truth. I’m actually in a position to finish the Song (at least once I escape Eleutheria) but decided I wanted to see all the regions & finish the officer stories first. Right now I’m parked at Langley Hall (I’ve not visited thd Blue Kingdom yet) & feeling totally fatigued at the prospect of exploring this dismal region and doing yet more fetch quests. So, I suppose my questions are as follows:

  1. is anything remotely cheerful ever going to happen?

  2. if I abandon my plans, get back to London asap & start the truth, how much content would I have to repeat? What carries forward?

  3. could anyone who has pursued the truth / MKC tell me if they found the narrative fulfilling? Almost everything I’ve done so far has left me cold.

  4. is the felined eccentric’s story fun, charming etc? Does anything bad happen to the cats?

  5. what is the deal with the Avid Horizon cults? I’ve joined one but I don’t really understand why I’m pursuing membership of these groups.

I don’t mean to sound unduly negative - I’m really just looking for a steer on how I can hopefully get a bit more enjoyment from the game and how to avoid losing too much more time doing the same sort of thing over & over. It may well be that the game just isn’t for me, but I’m reluctant to abandon it without seeing the heart of the content after already ploughing so much time into it.

Has anyone managed to give a lecture on Cantankeri on the Berenger? I’ve done the other two just fine, but this one eludes me. I don’t know if it’s been implemented yet or if there’s something outside of the ship that lets you study Cantankeri.

Is there a way to rename your locomotive, or is that only available when buying a new one?

I love that you asked this.

No, nothing bad happens to the cats. I’d say charming and fun are definitely accurate–I personally enjoyed it a lot.
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I grant this point. The grand dystopia that is Albion is particularly draining. This is, I think, at least partly because that dystopia is layered onto the things we most care about; I’m sure I’m not the only veteran of Fallen London and Sunless Seas who never expected London, of all places, to be the least inviting place in the skies. My first visit was enough for me to return to the Reach and undo all the damage I’d caused by supporting the Windward Company.

Yes, but much of it involves some form of rebellion.

1. Given the above, kicking the Windward Company’s tail in the Reach is delightfully satisfying.
2. So is smuggling escapees from the workworlds.
3. Rebuilding Titania and watching it flourish from captain to captain is pretty wonderful.
4. So is restoring the Circus.
5. At least one of the officer stories ends very well, and the ending carries over for later captains. I haven’t finished the others.
6. So, after a fashion, do some of the stories that begin in the skies.
7. An opportunity comes up to trap the Princess. Really, that’s enough for me some days.

Those are the things that stand out to me at the moment. I will also say, however, that Eleutheria may be dark, but there are beautiful places there, too, including one of my favorite nods back to Old London. It’s worth exploring.

In general, I’ve found that completed storylines tend to stay completed, while partially-finished storylines tend to start over.

Failbetter games have always had a mixture of horror and wonder. I think what makes Sunless Skies stand out (for good or ill) is that the mixture shifts in different places. The Reach has, for me anyway, the highest degree of wonder, while outside of the Royal Society Albion is mostly dull, soul-sucking horror. Eleutheria… shifts, in a way, from horror to wonder and back as you explore deeper into it, with one always on the verge of turning into the other. It may be the most successful region of the three. I have not yet explored the Blue Kingdom, so I cannot comment on it. Nevertheless, there are good things tucked about here and there–even in perfidious Albion.

Thanks for setting up the topic MidnighVoyager!

Ok, my questions:

  1. Is the final segment of the Fatalistic Signalman’s questline timed? Please, somebody tell me it’s timed and that I screwed up by leaving it unfinished for months while exploring Eleutheria

  2. How does one attract the attention of the Storm-that-Speaks?

If you finished the questline do you feel the same way? :)
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  1. No