List of Exceptional Stories?

I was unable to do much in FL for a time being and missed several stories. I want to compile full list of ES, to know, how much money should I save, how much should I wait, etc.

So far I can remember:

Season of murders
Flint - 2 parts - fate-available
Art of murder - available
Waltz, that moved the world - available

Season of ?
Lost in Reflections - available
Discernment - available
Last Dog Society - available

Season of bombs
something about Governess

Season of wrecks - currently running
Where you and I must go - available
Our Lady of Pyres - available
Last Curtain - available

The lost in reflections season isn’t actually a season, they came before seasons were implemented.

Season of murders is actually season of hearts blood.

The frequently deceased (the governess one), the seven day reign, and the pentacost predicament are a part of the family ties season.

The only part of season of revolutionaries that is out is five minutes to midday.
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Exceptional Stories outside of seasonal content

The Marsh House
The Court of Cats
Lost in Reflections
The Last Dog Society
Cut with Moonlight

Exceptional Stories of the Heartsblood Season

Art of Murder
The Waltz that Moved the World

Exceptional Stories of the Family Ties Season

The Frequently Deceased
The Seven Day Reign
Pentecost Predicament

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Revolutions

Five Minutes to Midday
The Chimney Pot War
The Calendar Code

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Wrecks

Where You and I must Go
Our Lady Pyres
The Final Curtain

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Skies

The Persona Engine
The Twelve-Fifteen from Moloch Street
The Century Exhibition

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Stones

The Clay Man’s Arm
The Heart, the Devil, and the Zee

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Ruins

Web of the Motherlings
All Things Must End
The Attendants

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Sceptres

Trial and Error
The Stone Guest
The Sinking Synod

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Silver

Steeped in Honey
The Lamentation Lock
Factory of Favours

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Adorations

The Pursuit of Moths
The Murgatroyd Formula
The Rat-Catcher

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Embers

The Bones of London
Written in the Glim
Required Repairs

Exceptional Stories of the Season of Celebrations

For All the Saints
The Magician’s Dreams
A Little Pandemonium

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I was recently digging up this info as well. Here’s what I put together:

[table] [tr] [td]NAME [td]Season [td]Cost [td]When [td]Link [tr] [td]A TRADE IN SOULS [td]n/a [td] 25 FATE [td]? [td]? [tr] [td]A TRADE IN FACES [td]n/a [td] 25 FATE [td]10/01/14 [td] [tr] [td]THE RUBBERY MURDERS [td]n/a [td] 25 FATE [td]? [td]? [tr] [td]A LONG-LOST DAUGHTER? [td]n/a [td] 25 FATE [td]? [td]? [tr] [td]THE MASK OF MR VEILS [td]n/a [td] 30 FATE [td]? [td]? [tr] [td]THE BLEMMIGAN AFFAIR [td]n/a [td] 30 FATE [td]02/27/15 [td] [tr] [td]THE GIFT [td]n/a [td] 30 FATE [td]12/01/14 [td] [tr] [td]HAUNTING AT THE MARSH-HOUSE [td]n/a [td] 45 FATE [td]05/01/15 [td] [tr] [td]THE COURT OF CATS [td]n/a [td] 45 FATE [td]06/01/15 [td]–the-court-of-cats.aspx [tr] [td]LOST IN REFLECTIONS [td]n/a [td] 45 FATE [td]07/01/15 [td] [tr] [td]THE LAST DOG SOCIETY [td]n/a [td] 45 FATE [td]08/01/15 [td] [tr] [td]CUT WITH MOONLIGHT [td]n/a [td] 45 FATE [td]09/01/15 [td] [tr] [td]DISCERNMENT [td]n/a [td] 45 FATE [td]10/01/15 [td] [tr] [td]FLINT #1 [td]Heartsblood #1 [td] 120 FATE (for 1&2) [td]10/29/15 [td] [tr] [td]FLINT #2 [td]Heartsblood #1 [td] [td]11/26/15 [td] [tr] [td]A FLASH LAY [td]n/a [td]n/a [td]12/16/15 [td] [tr] [td]ART OF MURDER [td]Heartsblood #2 [td] 45 FATE [td]01/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]THE WALTZ THAT MOVED THE WORLD [td]Heartsblood #3 [td] 45 FATE [td]02/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]THE FREQUENTLY DECEASED [td]Family Ties #1 [td] 45 FATE [td]03/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]THE SEVEN-DAY REIGN [td]Family Ties #2 [td] 45 FATE [td]04/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]THE PENTECOST PREDICAMENT [td]Family Ties #3 [td] 45 FATE [td]05/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]FIVE MINUTES TO MIDDAY [td]Revolution #1 [td] 45 FATE [td]06/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]THE CHIMNEY POT WAR [td]Revolution #2 [td]n/a [td]07/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]THE CALENDAR CODE [td]Revolution #3 [td]n/a [td]08/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]WHERE YOU AND I MUST GO [td]Wrecks #1 [td]n/a [td]09/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]OUR LADY OF PYRES [td]Wrecks #2 [td]n/a [td]10/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]FINAL CURTAIN [td]Wrecks #3 [td]n/a [td]11/01/16 [td] [tr] [td]PERSONA ENGINE [td]Skies #1 [td]n/a [td]12/01/16 [td] [/table]

Also note that the Exceptional Stories (apart from &quotFlint&quot) only cost 25 Fate if you want to replay them.

&quotA Flash Lay&quot is neither fate-locked nor a storyline as such. It’s available for everyone and works similar to Heists, Pickpocket Promenade, etc.
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