Lights that DO things

I was looking at the shops and I saw some expensive lights at the House of Vision that provided petty mirrors boosts. I had an epiphany: what if these lights ACTUALLY effected your lights? Changing the facing, direction, size of the lights that you use to see things on the Zee?
Not sure what this would effect gameplay-wise, though.

I’m not sure about direction, but it would be really neat if they affected the width and range of the light cone.

Also, since the Curator made it clear that colours are important in the Unter Zee, some of the lights could be switched to different colour of lighting. It wouldn’t be unheard of if some things or creatures were visible only in a specific colour of light.

…or also, if you were not visible to them if using certain lighning. (Like, they act as if you have lights off)

An Irrigo lamp could be incredibly useful. Nope! Nothing to see here! Move along!

With the recent live combat update (STEEL) one of the mentioned future content pieces is exactly this. The ability to change which direction your lights face in order to create more light for that (currently in beta) combat system. In the “standard” game, in addition to cosmetic effects, simply illuminating more area would be valuable, and perhaps they could add additional illuminate abilities?

I could go for some apocyan underhull lights to go with the spinner hub caps on my propellers.

Now we’re talking.

That’s actually one of the things I’m most excited about – aside from the actual story, which is the best part of the game. ;)
I’d be thrilled if there were certain monsters you could only see in direct light… imagine traveling through the dark with a swiveling light and suddenly seeing something you didn’t know was there!
Might be a bit too hard on system performance, though – if such a thing causes more lag or framerate issues, I would totally understand if they decided not to go overboard on cosmetics. (Get it? Overboard! Zailor pun, no?)

edited by SouthSea Rutherby on 10/14/2014