Light Fingers, M-M33? [Spoiler Heavy]

Spoiler for Light Fingers and Affair of the Box. Italics are wild guesses. Since I didn’t play this myself I am not that sure and people might have think of something similar?

Mr Fire wants the Bazaar to stay in London.
Mr Fire is involved with the Orphanage.
Mr Fire was messing around with Moon-Milk.
The Orphanage was studying all-consuming love.
And making things fall in love with M-M33… made from moon-milk? Happy, content, all-consuming love?
Clarabelle is in love with the Orphanage. She is also pregnant with a moon-miser.
More moon-milk for Mr Fire from the thing Clarabelle is pregnant with?
[i]Mr Fire is trying to make a love potion so the Bazaar will love London (and stop caring about the Sun) and never leave?

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Was it ever stated in the content that these manufactured love stories from the Orphanage were useless to the bazaar? I think I might be misremembering something that Penstock said, but I don’t know where to start looking.

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[spoiler]The issue about manufactured love stories being useless to the Bazaar, I believe, was in the Jack-of-Smiles story.

The use of moon-milk seems pretty obvious without considering the above, but as long as manufactured love as useless, moon-milk for manufacturing love is also useless. Unless it’s also a failed attempt (like Jack), which I think unlikely. I also can’t imagine such a love potion being used like the Bazaar, but that may be only because I cannot fathom how it would ingest such a thing.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]In the University story the masters did mention Provost’s effort was futile because manufactured love stories are useless.

But Mr Fires’ interest is not really in helping the Bazaar, isn’t he? He doesn’t need love stories that satisfy the Judgements. He just need a content and sedate Bazaar staying in London.

Which is why I think he is experimenting with the Orphanage to find a way to make the Bazaar fall in love with London, just like how Clarabelle fall in love with the Orphanage, or like the other orphans that become content and apathetic to the rest of the world.[/spoiler]