Light Fingers and Respectable

I’ve been playing through Ambition: Light Fingers and have hit a road block.
Ambition: Light Fingers! 53

In order to continue I need Respectable 7 and I currently have none as far as I can tell.
How do I increase it?

Respectable, Dreaded and Bizarre are special stats that are only increased by your equipped items! (With the one exception that the last two Valentine’s Day events have let you increase one of those stats by one point permanently.) To increase Respectable, you’ll want to invest in things like formal clothing, well-behaved pets, sociable company… in fact, here’s a list. If you can afford to join both God’s Editors and the Parthenaeum, that’s +8 Respectable right there - more than enough to impress Dr Vaughan.

How do I join God’s Editors and the Parthenaeum?

Once you are POSI you should get Gold Bordered cards that let you start certain stories among those are joining a club for the Parthenaeum or the Young Stags. Once you have played the card the stories move to the Bazaar Sidestreets, provide some items and pass some checks and you will be a member in good standing of your chosen club. You can always leave one club and join the other if you want.

As for God’s Editors that is another gold bordered card - Making the Good Book Better, you will need to have written a novel or poem at Court (but they don’t like Sci-fi) then go to the Bazaar Sidestreets and look for the Gold Bordered storylet.

There are similar opportunities for Home Comforts and Transport items.
edited by reveurciel on 4/24/2015