Light Beneath Water

I don’t know WHICH of you b—ers made this but I swear if you make me cry over fictional space-bats again I’ll take up a knife and pull a Jack-of-Smiles on you.
I saw it in the SMEN topic and thought ‘heck I’ll try it’ and I’m barely a chain or two into Seeking in FL and I was SOBBING.
It’s what would happen if the Vake went Seeking. Highly suggest. A lot faster than normal Seeking. I feel like everyone here has to know about this.

All I can say is

Vake x Candles OTP

And no one will take this away from me.

I am a huge fan of this.

Oh I haven’t heard of this before! Should I wait until i’m finished seeking to check it out?

Bitty: I discovered this long before I ever started Seeking with my alt. In my opinion, it doesn’t act as a spoiler for anything material in SMEN, and it is every bit as beautiful and moving as Iona describes.

Thank you! I’ll check it out then!

Looks like all my years of playing and researching Fallen London paid off.

I can cry AND understand what I’m reading!

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Oh man, I’m still in love with that thing.

Who wrote this and put it together?

Ahh, I remember reading this a while ago too. It shows its age at parts, but I love how it handles the interactivity of the medium and the use of Winking Isle in particular. Truly a well-crafted experience. I, too, wish to know who made this.

This is beautiful. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!