Level change message AND number?

Not by my computer, probably should wait till I am before I ask this, so I can check in not asking something obvious…

I’ve noticed that when I’ve given a quality a level change description, it stops telling you the number the quality has changed to. This is obviously useful for some situations, where count doesn’t really fit. But is there a way to get both, other than adding ‘your bla has gone up to X’ to the change description?
Also, if using change descriptions, any one got a clever way around the change descriptions rarely working for both up and down? (E.g ‘oh no, not more X’ looks silly when your count has decreased…)

To your first question - alas, no. To your second, you just have to be clever about how you word it. I must admit I got fed up after a while of trying to do this and just got rid of a lot of my QCDs. I pretty much only use them now on things such as randomiser qualities.

Ah well. As suspected. Suspect I’m going to have to do the same. (Grr.) Thanks.