Letters and Corresponding...

I noticed that there wasn’t a place for requesting letters, so here one is! Just edit your post when you are done receiving.

Known requests:

Lamil - Investigating letters

I want a need for scone recipes that most likely will never be definitively satisfied, and currently hold none.
I’m happy to accept any type of stat-increasing letters, I don’t have a full set of any currently. I only have room for two each of fighting manuals and flame-proof missives at the moment.
I’ll gladly supply just about any type of letter in return for scone recipes in particular.

So, I made a post for this, but, I would like some flame-proof missives I just need to increase it from 7 to 10 for Christmas, thanks, I can help with any social action

You’re welcome to make a second one but there is, in fact, a thread for this: https://community.failbettergames.com/t/the-letter-writing-club/

Oh, sorry! I didn’t know.