Letter Counter

[li]I noticed a letter counter has recently been added to the storylet creator. Does it mean we are now limited to the number of characters we can type into a paragraph for storylets? I’m a little anxious about going back and reworking all of my storylets just to try and get them to fit…

[color=#e53e00] Na. You’re good. We’d never be so cruel. OK, I lie. We’d totally be that cruel. But we’re not doing that.

It’s just a guide, to assist people to write short (I’m an editor, of course I consider that a virtue). It will not be useful for all games - just ignore it if it doesn’t suit your writing style. [/color]
edited by babelfishwars on 7/21/2015

Whew. Thanks for the clarification. I was not looking forward to reworking 400+ storylets. :)