Let's Talk about L---

My apologies for making a post that started off singularly for my love interests. I have met someone, courted, and married. With the Feast at hand, I am happy to extend this thread to all who seek love, affection, or simply a weighty ball and chain. My original message below:

Good day, fine evening, and for all times in the crepuscular between–a general Hello,

I appreciate you finding yourself here, listening to me now. While I am most certainly honoured by your presence, I hope that something beyond curiosity has brought you here. I hope that you are, as I am, seeking a certain feeling–one that (and please pardon my blasphemy) is a stronger compulsion than even Mr. E----, himself.

I have found myself desiring to follow this force; peruse it; pursue it.

In the past, I found that I could quell this desire by satiating one of my more basic, id impulses. I would fulfill this fervorous stir through nights at the honey-dens or through various city vices. However, this feeling has blossomed into something more than a simple, unaccountable peckishness. I have a desire for a partner–one with whom I can raid the brass embassy, assuage the Masters of the Bazaar, and climb the ladder of society. It is true that I actively seek to rub elbows with the powers that be; however, during my time in this dreadfully magnificent city, I have foremost sought to attain and maintain my wholeness (to the greatest extent possible, of course). I have never lost my way to Jack’s Knives; I will never forsake my tiny roof-top friends; and I most certainty will never let those dastardly devils take my most prized possession. My desire to be a man of power comes second only to my desire for maintaining my wholeness, and right now…

I am incomplete.

If you, too, feel an incompleteness about you; if you, too, feel a stir within you to seek a partner, then please do not do either of us a dissatisfaction. Respond, so that we may explore a realm that, as yet for me, is entirely unknown. I desire an acquaintance that can evolve into an engagement, and while I have my definite lines in the sand (i.e., selling my soul), I am not bothered by the most petty of distinctions, like alliances, agendas, or genders.

Thank you for your engagement, and I hope that one day, I may utter this phrase again.

Insatiably Yours
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I’ve long felt incomplete. That was probably the lack of a soul. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve plenty, just “lost” mine. I wish you good luck, may you find what you’re are Seeking (but be careful). I surely will, it’s just a matter of time till I will possess ALL the souls and after that, I need to just found mine between millions, but I am feeling lucky-loony-lucky. All shall be well.

I too am incomplete. I’ll drop you a calling card.

How delightful! If anyone would be so interested, I’d be delighted to partake in a marriage, mostly of convenience, while the tax is lifted. I’m looking for someone interesting, hopefully with connections, but a romantic despondent would work as well. A single lady poking her nose where it doesn’t belong is much more suspicious than a connected one, even unhappily. I would ask that you don’t try to tie me down: I have no soul, fraternize with devils, and don’t want to hear anything about it. Remember-- divorces are also free in this magnificent season.

Drop me a calling card. We’ll see where it goes.

Maria isn’t looking for a marriage of convenience… probably. She would prefer a romantic one… the only restriction she has, is that her partner is female… and younger than her aunt. As to Maria… she IS a former professional thief. Now, stealing jewels is a hobby of hers. For those worried, she HAS a soul. Warning: Very talkative. Not necessarily in english


Agata took the Liberty of sending your char a calling card already! She technically has a soul, but considers herself soulless.
Warning: GIANT francophile. Despite being German actually, she celebrates the 14th of July and has a few pictures of Paris in her home, as well as a french flag.

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