Let's Talk About How the Jedi are Villains

I don’t know man. Sith have real evil-sounding names.

Not only arrest. Mace Windu acutally says: &quotHe’s too dangerous to be kept alive!&quot
Very constitutional…

“Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”

Easy enough to deduce that the master ordered the apprentice to kill the Jedi in Episode 1. And thus when Palpatine turns out to be the other Sith, he becomes a suspect of conspiracy to commit murder.

And are we really sure it’s not illegal to be a Sith? If I lived in the Star Wars universe, I’d probably want it to be illegal to use the dark side of the Force to create a galactic police state. Seems quite reasonable that Sith might have been outlawed in the old republic, and that a story for children didn’t bother going into the legalities.

Of course we only see the sith through the lens of the Jedi, a fanatical religious group above the law, bent on the extinction of the sith.

The real villain in Revenge of the Sith is severely inadequate women’s healthcare.

Except for that whole &quotmanufactured a Galactic Civil War, overturning democracy with mind-control super-powers and bureaucratic emergency war powers&quot thing. Small potatoes!

Except the Republic had relied on Jedi for over a thousand years as the &quotkeepers of peace and justice&quot, suggesting a fatal flaw not merely in the bureaucracy, but the absence of a developed leagal system and national police in the Republic: the Jedi were not the only ones to grow complacent in the absence of large-scale conflict. The first party of (six?) Jedi had been cut down: Palapatine was going to be arrested until he displayed sufficient prowess to be a danger even to Jedi in numbers (in addition to having turned the Republic Courts over his knee).

Except for that &quotkilled thousands of clone soldiers in a manufactured war that has impacted the galaxy at large&quot thing. Clearly the Republic doesn’t have a functional government at that point (the more-or-less mind-controlled Senate would never vote No Confidence in Palpatine by the time the Jedi work out are told that he’s the BBEG.)

Into killing children, much? &quotOh, you aren’t going to kow-tow to Palpatine? You’re going to be reassigned to a pine box (or hole in the ground).&quot

Yeah, that whole Naboo Blockade thing was just a weekend joy-ride (also killing many off-screen), and the battle droids never invaded other systems throughout the Clone Wars, or arrested and attempted to execute investigators (Jedi) or Senators of the Republic illegally, while being led by the nose by the apprentice Sith (Dooku) into open war with the Republic. Instead of scooting along and &quotmaking peace&quot in their brand new Confederacy.

Except that the crowd attending the execution was permitted to flee, they were not cut down; they were not even detained. The clone army (built in secret by Palpatine, to hand to the Jedi, when they reached that part of his plan) was fighting a droid army. Hells, if the droid army hadn’t been called into action, the entire situation could have been resolved without further bloodshed: Windu didn’t start by cutting off Jango’s head, he held him at lightsabre-point (effectively &quotyou are under arrest, do not resist.&quot)

Yeah, except this is exactly what Obi-Wan was doing: investigating the motive behind the Separatists and finding Sith manipulation, ten years after barely surviving the last Sith manipulation of hostilities (Naboo). Obi-Wan didn’t leap to cut Dooku down, quite the opposite: Dooku had Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Senator Amidala prepared for summary execution. Oh, yeah, and that part where Palpatine calls for war on the Senate floor against the Separatists with the very army(ies) he had made for the Civil War in the first place just to kill-off the Jedi.

Perhaps you missed the key factors: Palapatine had been impairing the Jedi ability to foresee trouble (until it was on them) and even Yoda recognized that the Jedi were on the defensive and had been painted into a war by Palpatine (by mid-TCW). So the Jedi should give up? Let Palapatine execute every one of them (including younglings) because of Palpatine’s Machiavellian quest for power and revenge? The Republic should quietly be manipulated into an Empire under a genocidal cracker-box who is willing to employ planet-destroying weapons against under-funded, under-staffed freedom fighters (yes, I have come to understand you’d love to label them &quotterrorists&quot, it fits your narrative) who wish to restore democracy to the former Republic? Palpatine recognizes and rewards your devotion to the cause. Wanna be a planetary governor? There are some non-human worlds that need to be stomped on in the Galactic Empire. Because they aren’t human. And I understand the Senate won’t be around forever…

Because otherwise, the Jedi were out peaceably resolving (manufactured) trade disputes, chasing down (politically-motivated) assassins, and otherwise being the FBI/Secret Service IN SPAAAAACE! until Palpatine had them spoon-fed his Unstoppable Plan for Galactic Domination™.

Actually, if you were watching the same movies:

  1. Jedi envoys sent to peacefully resolve the trade dispute ordered by Palpatine himself to be executed
  2. rounding up Naboo citizens and placing them in camps where they die off-screen, just to bump Valorum and generate sympathy in the Senate to grab the big chair (step 2 in the Plan for Galactic Domination™)
  3. Sending an assassin after the democratically-elected Queen of the Naboo
    This isn’t just a catchy tv-ad campaign, or the usual quid pro quo and alliances or support-building in government.
    Ok, that’s 40 minutes into just the first Episode… Also not subject to &quotJedi-colored glasses&quot.

Edit: At this point in history, the Sith are presumed extinct for over a thousand years, the last time the Sith nearly burned the Galaxy to dust. Not like the Jedi are looking for Sith to exterminate.
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All the EU (Legends now?) stuff actually made Windu a little to close to falling to the Dark Side (something about his fighting style drawing on suspiciously-sounding-like-the-Dark-Side.) But the whole reveal/resolution was a bit rushed IMO. Not like &quotDeathly Hallows&quot rushed, but time-crunched.

Did the Jedi Order grow fat and complacent over a thousand years? Yes
Did the Republic become mired in bureaucracy and ripe for take-over? Clearly.
Was the Jedi Order manipulated &quotmasterfully&quot by Palpatine, both as an institution and individually? Certainly (and it didn’t help that he was concealed from them as well: they didn’t know they were in his game as pawns.)
Are the Jedi the &quotbad guys&quot? Not if you believe the author.
Not great world-building for the alien-on-the-street view of it all, though.

There would have been other avenues for &quotouting&quot the Jedi: &quotThe clone army was commissioned by a Jedi, didn’t you hear? Master Sifo Dyas! Why would they do that unless they knew the war was coming? And Jedi were involved in that thing at Naboo years ago? THEY MANIPULATED THE WHOLE THING!&quot


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…I found it funny enough. I assumed this was just an extension of the old joke about the original trilogy being about a youth who gets radicalised when he loses his family in an airstrike, joins a religious cult and kills countless lives in a terrorist attack, this being a rather ironic good guy for an American movie. I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think this thread was meant as some cutting witticism about current political events. Star Wars is enjoyable fiction, but it tends to get weird when you try to draw analogues between it and the real world, which some fans find rather funny. Sometimes a fan theory is just a fan theory.

DD, I take all my fandoms (somewhat) seriously when they are being misrepresented! If I didn’t, I’d have nothing to complain pointlessly about! :) <- note explicit designation as joke

when i saw this it reminded me of a youtube video about how destroying the death star literally destroyed the economy of the entire galaxy, if you are interested in the video you can see it here

Considering the Sith pastime of forming empires to grind anyone and everyone under their heel and trying to topple the Republic with wars that sow unimaginable devastation across the galaxy, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if there were still a few anti-sith laws hanging around on the books somewhere from before they were all supposedly wiped out 1000 years ago.

Also, all those assassinations and secretly controlling both sides of the war might be legally actionable.