Let us Mark a location on the map!

It would really be much more convenient if we could see our heading while sailing.

You can, it’s on the chart in the direction of the arrow :)

Until my third or fourth game, I kept thinking that there should be a compass rose somewhere that I hadn’t toggled open - it may be the neath’s own quirk of having no fixed direction, but that wasn’t stated anywhere, so I assumed London was south (as in Southern Archipelago) and sailed directly out from Wolfstack dock trying to find NORTH. A sentence explaining the zee bats brought directions based on your ship’s current heading (nd that the map was already placed in a north/south configuration) would have saved me from looking for Whither near the Khanate. (although nothing could have saved me from crashing into every single port because I didn’t know how to slow down/reverse/dock–> cause of my tragic first death)[li][/li][li]
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A compass rose sounds like an opportunity for art fun! I just assumed up was north, but that’s kind of like assuming that the axes of a graph are labeled in units of one instead of actually checking/labeling them, I suppose.
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