Legacy Items and Backgrounds supposed to stack?

Just started a new game with the Boke of Sharps (+25 Iron) and chose the Veteran background (+25 Iron), but I only have Iron around 50 or so?

Are these not meant to stack? (If not, backgrounds quickly get pointless once you have the legacy items.)

“or so”? If you have exactly 50 it stacks. If you have 1 more than 50 it doesn’t. It probably should but for some reason backgrounds don’t give you a stat boost if that stat is already over 50.

I had slightly more than 50 Iron in the previous incarnation and picked a legacy that means I had a starting Iron (before stat-boost) of 26 or 27.

…that means the legacy items make the backgrounds redundant, though.

Wait, so by picking the Iron-boosting legacy I actually massively lost out (by 24 points)?

That’s pretty awful.

Yeah. That’s what caused it. Pick a background that doesn’t overlap with your legacy next time. Though… sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, if you’re trying to experience background specific stories (tomb colonist, sphinxstone, father’s bones, etc.)

That’s … poor design.

Like I said, it probably should, but at the moment it doesn’t. So…

That said, it should still be capped, just somewhere higher than 50. It’d be just as broken to allow players to train their stats to the highest they can be trained and only then choose a background.
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For sure. But if people go out of their way to unlock Legacy items, making them useless is a bad idea.

Eh, it doesn’t make them useless, it just forces you to have more balanced stats. Mind you, I don’t know if that’s why it’s like this, or if this is just an oversight from before the Legacy items were implemented.
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The way I see this is it just mandates even more that you always pick Poet on successive captains, because you’re never going to pick the Pages legacy because it screws Secrets gain, but you always need the boost to Pages from the background.

I think they probably need to better explain how the stacking works, and probably make it so if things don’t stack you get the higher value instead of the lower one.

I don’t really think it’s that unreasonable to cap what a background can give you.

[quote=Gregg Johnson]Eh, it doesn’t make them useless, it just forces you to have more balanced stats. Mind you, I don’t know if that’s why it’s like this, or if this is just an oversight from before the Legacy items were implemented.
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Blocked out the way that player want to play is a bad design. Period. . .
If the game mean to be play more than 1 playthrough, so the player will learn more and know how to deal with each situation. Then we need all the help we can get which mean boosting stat from Legacy item. But to make it not stack with other stat, what is the point to go get it? It is kinda disappointed and felt betray.

Sure, but if you actually want to incentivise players unlocking the legacy items (Horizon Codex etc) then they have to actually do something. A hard cap of what [legacy item + legacy + background] can give you is certainly reasonable.

Well, you can only ever start with 2 stats over 50, so you always have three choices to use your background on that will still give +25. While a warning would be nice, so would they in a lot of other places (some of which really break immersion coughEmpire of Handscough). The game is really about learning from your mistakes, and this is just one more to learn from. But… iono. Not saying it shouldn’t be changed, just that I don’t want a warning about it as it currently stands.
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Once you get all legacy items, choosing a past becomes less meaningful. That would be ok if it was intended to be a penalty, but it doesn’t seem to be the case since there is no sense in penalizing a player for achieving something so awesome as getting all legacies. So it becomes frustrating, mechanically.
Once you get A Dream of Red (+25 Hearts), picking the Priest is throwing away 25 points, because you will always start with 51 Hearts due to Comatose Ferret. Strategically speaking is quite a let down.
It does seem that the Devs don’t want people to start with too much of a high stat, which is comprehensible. But if that’s indeed the case, they made a poor choice of prohibiting the stackage over something like nerfing either (or both) the past or legacy to bonus to a lower value.

It seems like if you have all 5 legacies plus a scion, then stats over 50 are a hardly an issue. At that point, you’re probably playing for fun, and stats are going to make almost no difference to your experience.

Edit. To clarify. I’m saying if you want boke of sharps, and veteran, 75 should entirely be permitted. If youve managed to scrape together another 20 from iron legacy, that’s fine too, since it’s clear you can push the stat that high with no problem.
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The legacy boosts don’t appear to work at all. No matter which one I picked at start, it had nearly no effect on stats. Although it said it was supposed to give 50%, what I actually got was all of 0 points on every other stat except my highest stat, for which I got…6. Woo.

I’m pretty sure you skills need to be OVER 50 to carry over since otherwise people would just constantly suicide to level a specific skill. Not much point to that, is there?

What I’m curious about is: the legacies you unlock, you don’t have to choose between them yeah? If I unlock the Hearts one and the Veils one for instance I get both instead of having to choose one right?

So, what, it’s half of your stats over 50, not half of your stats as promised? Deceptive advertising there. And yes, you can have them all. You should dedicate one run to doing so, they can all be achieved in a single run.

The thing is as you always start with a minimum of 25 in each stat you need over 50 for a legacy stat to have any benefit (as half of 50 is 25) and that part does not stack on top of your starting statistics. Then you have legacy items that add 25 to the relevant stat and you can get all of them eventually.

The last captain I started also got +25 for choosing a background on top of the legacy. So hopefully they now all stack.