Left-hand half from the Disgruntled Naval Officer?

Huh. I’ve only received two left hand halves from him both times I did it. I’m having trouble getting the right hand half myself since I don’t have partial maps and only 8 zee stories (not sure who gives what though).

People, only the bizarre blind cartographer gives the right-hand half. The other two only give lefties.

I was extremely lucky to pass the Bizarre challenge on the first try.

Don’t bother getting the map unless you’re already PoSI and have a ship, it can wait otherwise. The map is completely useless unless you can actually go to Polythreme by your own ship.

Welp, seeing as I managed to remember things backwards (I’d swear I checked before posting), I tried to delete the thread as resolved and goofed that, too. But it looks like I just got things mixed up, sorry for the confusion!