Leap Day

Is there anything singular planned for Leap Day in the Neath. If not by the developers, then perhaps by the community? Let this be the day in which(I’m just brainstorming here) one must accept all invitations or copy and paste all actions refreshes backwards. Something to celebrate this singular occasion. Ideas, thoughts or suggestions?

About accepting all invitations, fine for me - I usually do it anyway ^^ But I’m not sure I’m getting the grasp of copypasting the action refreshes backwards… More, considering that my next one will actually happen tomorrow (around 1 AM).

Another thing could be: sending an invitation to somebody you never interacted with. I’ve got plenty of contacts in my Friends list, but I usually end up inviting for actions the ones that I interact on Twitter. We could each select a contact in the Friends list we never interacted with, and invite him to Dinner, or something like that.

I like that a great deal. I shall do this and I encourage others to do the same!

I feel as though a leap day should involve shroom-hopping in some capacity.

Ooh yes… raises hopeful eyebrows a free-day of mucking about in mud and mushrooms. The thrill of the race, the quiet fog, a bit of knifing to the ribs!

A fondling remembering Lady