Laudanum and Recurring Dreams


A couple quick questions.

I am keen to follow the Recurring Dreams storylines. They sound so interesting. But I seem to accumulate nightmares rather easily. Will Laudanum affect the storyline progress at all? It’s very effective at reducing Nightmares. But the description says dreams are forgotten. Or does that just mean that particular night only and not the various story dreams? And are all the story dreams on opportunity cards? I thought I read Nightmares trigger them? I’m kind of confused.

Thanks for any clarification.

Laudanum won’t affect your dream progress, but going to a Nightmares menace state will.
Recurring Dreams storylines are pursued entirely through the opportunity deck. Cards unlocked at high Nightmares (6, to be exact) don’t give any progress and exist solely to be a damaging penalty for letting Nightmares get too high.

Laudanum will not take away your dream progress.

And as long as you have a Memory of Light on you when you hit Nightmares 8, you will only suffer loss of Dream Quality in one particular set of dreams, not all of them.

Whew. Excellent. It’s weird that I feel guilty for taking Laudanum even though it isn’t real. But sometimes, it’s the only way. I just try to keep a reserve of money for it if I don’t run into cards that reduce nightmares.

Thanks again for the prompt help.

P.S. Will remember the Memory of Light tip. I have about eleven now.

If you’re willing to pay fate, honeyed laudanum will prevent the loss of dreams when visiting thethe Royal Beth (doesn’t work in the marches, so better climb through that mirror if you end up there instead). You can buy it if Mr. Wines pops up in your deck. Don’t recall if it’s a one-time use, although I strongly suspect it is.

I might be willing to, depending how cheap/expensive it is. I bought the storylines on the Nex page: “Rubbery Murders” and the soul trade one. I tend to enjoy the investigative stories. Have also bought some really cheap story branches that just add extra info or make things a little faster. So it wouldn’t be unusual.

Off topic, sort of, but I’ve been pondering what factions I like best, but there are so many. Is there a faction for detectives? People who like to gather information, research, but aren’t necessarily looking to damage people with it? So not the Great Game, necessarily. I don’t think I’d enjoy it there.

Am also drawn to the rubbery men for some reason. Maybe the tentacles. LOL I sort of identify with their outcast status.

For detectives? There are the COnstables, of course, although they are more concerned with maintaining the status quo than seeking truth, much less Truth.

There’s the University, or the Dilmun Club, but the latter isn’t a proper faction.

The Urchins have an uncanny insight into certain things about how the Neath works, as do the Tomb-Colonists.

And if you enjoy the Rubbery Men (and they are a sweet little posse of squidmen,) after you finish the University storyline about starting your own department, you can gain access to their home. All sorts of intriguing lore to be had there, like why they trade in deep amber.

Personally, I ended up aligning with the Tomb-Colonists in the end, after discovering some of their secrets in Venderbight (only accessible to people with Ambition: Nemesis, I fear.) I do have a fondness for Clay Men, the Duchess, and the Widow after delving into their secrets, but non of them are currently valid options for “Closest To:” status.

Yeah, I noticed that about the Constables. I like working with them, but emotionally, it’s not perfect.

I have a soft spot for the urchins. They have this nice blend of innocence and cunning that’s endearing.

The clay men I’m kind of mixed on. I think I was traumatized by the “Missing Heiress” storyline. I like the coalman, though, and the folk in the Clay Quarters.

University sounds like something I might like, as long as they aren’t too…arrogant.

Don’t really know enough about the other factions mentioned to have an opinion. However, I did choose Nemesis as Ambition, so we’ll see.

University isn’t a faction in the usual sense, though, is it?

Benthic and Summerset are factions, albeit not ones that can be “Closest To:” at the moment.