Larger ships and crew

So, I -finally- eeked out enough echos too afford upgrading my ship, through runs across the north sea through wither, to the volcano, down to the reef and back west to London after learning a good strategy to hunt and kill Mt Nomad consistently… but I made a pretty horrifying discovery after I spend my 7000 echos on the upgrade. You cannot gain crew once you have more than 9 Crew, this value doesn’t seem to change for the larger ships yet… or am I doing something wrong here?

Does anyone have any advice on how to gain crew in the current build of the game, or am I out of luck?

Save, quit and restart. I think this is supposed to be fixed on the newest build (V0.5.0.1375), but if it isn’t then you might wanna send a bug report to

Thank you. I loaded the game up again and The bug has seemed to be fixed!