Language Learning

I have so much gratitude for games like these, filled with rich vocabulary and conversation. English isn’t my first language and if I had to be honest, it was games (video or not) that helped me refine what I was learning and learn new words and ways the English language works. Now that I’m older, I still appreciate it because I still get confused about certain words and such. Rping also helps put it into practice, hehe. Just a thought I’ve had lately.

I can relate 100% :)

I’m glad I’m not alone. I kinda thought everyone else playing was a master at English and here I was, playing the game with my dictionary open.

If only there were more browser-games like that, with such rich historical, literary and mythological background where one can truly experience the depths of roleplay and the might of vocabulary! It’s so good that even my non-speaking friends are playing now with permanent assistance from online-translator.
I also sometimes help myself with a dictionary while writing messages and posts (shamefully). If anybody wants social activities here he is forced to use the in-game language. A lot. Which is pretty cool, actually.
P.S. Mr. Pages’ verbiage got me confused all the time until quite recently I found how it operates. My deepest contrafibularities for that illegible bastard.

If you want a completely different world of text game, you could try Sryth, my other current obsession. It’s not as linguistically rich, but there’s a lot of fantasy content, which is a different vocabulary collection, and some quite intriguing ideas.

Personally I play because I’m disabled and twitchy fast moving video games are beyond me. A good rich text based game is the best! I’d be very happy to have other recommendations, they are not easy to find. I’m a native English speaker but can muddle along in Dutch and I’m learning Japanese. The Japanese writing system is terrifyingly hard, though, so I doubt I could manage anything beyond baby talk there.

I love this aspect of the game too. English is my third language, so i often find myself googling a word here and there and, after enough repetitions, adopting it into my vocabulary.

However! Sometimes, among the deliciously worldly wordliness, some nonsense is hidden. (I don’t mean Mr. Pages, who is absolutely perfect) That is, now and then, an archaic word gets used in a way that, upon consulting a dictionary, makes absolutely no sense in the given context. Has anyone else spotted these?
The one that comes to mind right now is &quotnuncupatory&quot, which means spoken, as opposed to written, but is used by the Vancian Griever in the sense of &quotinvalid&quot or something similar.

That is actually a specific reference to Jack Vance: nuncupatory | Infinite Probability

Ha! That’s awesome!