Lady In Lilac, missing?

Good Evening Fellow Londoners,

I come here to ask for help, I was really looking foward to this feast, specially to get some companions with 40 masking, but the lady in lilac, never apear to me, is there anything I must do to make her reveal herself to me, or something I shouldn’t do?
Please help me!

She’ll turn up. You don’t have to do anything, and nothing you do can bar her from showing up. Just keep drawing cards and hope for the best.

Here is what the Lady In Lilac card said, “She lurks in the Opportunity Deck, although she appears to have a talent for evading the attention of those who desire her most.”

Perhaps you could pray to the god of RNG.

It works on so many levels!

It took three days for her to turn up for me. I tried to be mad with her, but you know… it’s Lilac. I ended up showering her with gifts again, just like always.

Now she’s gone and I’m desperate to see her again. But my calling cards go unanswered. My mushroom bouquets rot on her doorstep. Her coachman avoids me in the pub.

She finally showed up for me for the first time this year last night.

This is getting extremelly frustating, I’ve been expecting the feast for a while, I even put some nex to allow me to get some exclusive companions, but NOTHING, in some days the feast will be over and I won’t even have a chance to reap my rewards.

The Lady in Lilac card currently has “Frequent” frequency. So it should appear more often than other “Standard” cards, but depending on the side of your card deck this could still be a whil if you’re unlucky.

However, in past years, as it got closer to the end of the Feast, the Feast cards’ frequency was increased, eventually becoming “Ubiquitous”, so ensure more people get the needed cards.

Also, I seem to remember that last year, towards the end of the Feast, there was an option to summon the Lilac card (via access code? storylet? can’t remember).

There was indeed an access code that unlocked a storylet to summon Lilac. You could only summon her once, but I’m sure it helped a lot of people out.

I have around 3 types of gifts to give to her, is it true I can find her, ANYWHERE?


She was summonable by access code I believe. Either way, Masquing suggests the Encounters At the Feast card will be around until end of March.

According to the wiki, the access code was lilacinblack

Hello, delicious friends. I have to say, I’m a little worried. I pulled lilac twice very early, and haven’t since. I’ve got a ton of surly bats, glasses of teeth, etc., sitting around in my inventory, which is fine. I already got two of the lesser companions (the canny costermonger and… someone else… because I had the masquing to do it, and I liked the &quotcharacters.&quot) However, since then, I’ve been gifted two well-songs. I’m getting a little worried that I won’t be able to convert them before the end of the feast to get the fate-locked companion(s) I am after. Am I wrong to be unsettled? Will be get one last chance? If not, it seems a little too much like &quottaking someone’s money and laughing at them,&quot as a certain dev once remarked.

Will we have a last chance at Lilac? Am I just being too nervous? Is the Nacreous Survivor really a catspaw for certain elements of the Iron Republic?


EDIT: I suppose I should have read recent comments, my apologies. Disregard!
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[color=#0066ff]Quick! Another chance at a glimpse of the Lady in Lilac![/color]
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I love the bit of story you get if you don’t use that to pull the card.

Could she be a Glassman? Or possibly one of the as yet unlocked 4th stage professions, something dreanched in iriago as much as the other is in violent.
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Sorry, off-topic I guess: I just drew my first Lady in Lilac and noticed that all my Glass of Teeth had disappeared? I should’ve had three of them. Am I missing something here?
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[quote=SmallFish]Sorry, off-topic I guess: I just drew my first Lady in Lilac and noticed that all my Glass of Teeth had disappeared? I should’ve had three of them. Am I missing something here?
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Seems like a bug. If you haven’t already, email in a bug report.