Lacre Question

Does it even have a point if this is my first christmas? The wiki says I won’t be able to access Penstock’s so like… is there any reason to spend my time on any of that?

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You should definitely be able to access Penstock’s Wicket once it opens on the 5th–could you tell us why you think you won’t be able to?

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It says on the wiki that you need to experience every route in Mr. Sack’s visits; and also that you can only do one route per day per year.

Did I (I’m hoping) misunderstand?

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Mr Sacks only starts on Dec 25th. It is free and you will be able to play it.

But Lacre comes from various sources - for example, from Snowfall! At various times during December, you’ll find your Lodgings unaccessible due to Snowfall. That’s one chance to get Pails of Lacre, which can unlock the Taste of Lacre quality (ToL).

The Advent Calendar is also likely to give out Pails and ToL.

And you will be able to buy Pails from the Urchins opportunity card - for a stiff price though.

All of these options are open to you, none of them are locked by anything.

And, remember: ToL is not wiped after Sackmas! If you keep even a single point of the quality, it’ll stay with you until next Christmas…

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You have to do every day of Mr Sack’s visits, which are free. You can also do a Fate investigation, which adds some more stuff but is optional.


I have indeed misunderstood!

I thought I had to do each faction’s routes.

That said, I’m aiming to upgrade my brass embassy suite this year then. Should I get pails of snow from snowbound this year and wait to do any robes for next year? Or do you think there will be enough opportunities for Taste of Lacre without those 4 snowfalls?

Sorry if I’m asking too many questions! I’m ideally wanting to grab the aviary and the shapeling arts gloves this year as well as the upgrade, but to me the upgrade is much more important.

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As I understand it, there’s no need to choose between embassy upgrade and a gift from the Masters.

The Fate option of having Masters clear a path to your door in SNOWBOUND! will get you Taste of Lacre (that can be used towards your lodging upgrade at Penstock’s Wicket) plus A Courtesy Returned (lets you claim the Incardine Robe).

  • In turn, the robe can be exchanged for a gift from a Master. I believe you need to have Mr. Veils’ first gift in your inventory in order to unlock his second gift (the aviary) as an option.

  • Exchanging the robe happens independently of the 12 Days of Mr. Sacks.

The two non-Fate options in SNOWBOUND! storylet yield an Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow, which can be transformed into Taste of Lacre or used as-is in a bewildering variety of ways.

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Yes, it does. I’m hoping ideally to do 4 robes options, if I’m understanding snowfall timing.

See the wiki is less clear about this than I understood, thanks for the info!!

Happy to help! Some fine print to keep in mind: you need Reknown 10 with the Urchins in order to buy pails via their faction card. Hopefully that’s not a huge impediment for your ToL-gathering? Personally the RNG spent November laughing at my attempts to amass enough favors to become Urchin-famous, oh well.