Labyrinth of Tigers

It is my understanding that the Labyrinth of Tigers will show up upon the death of a captain and the commencement of a new captain’s life.

I’m currently on my third or fourth captain, but still have no Labyrinth of Tigers.

Is there some other condition to fulfill(e.g.; having your original captain die in iron man mode?) or is this a bug?

From what I have heard, it requires that the previous captain in the same dynasty die at zee. I have no personal experience with this, however.

Dying from receiving three wounds definitely works, at least for me. I don’t know if dying from running out of crew, or other insta-death conditions, count for Labyrinth purposes.

What is the benefit of the Labyrinth of Tigers in Sunless Sea?

You can get a goddamn Live Specimen without relying on RNG and needing to have five million goddamn Veils is what :P

So far as I can tell, it’s basically a bonus trading point in London - it sells Live Specimens and buys at least one obscure monster drop. There may well be more to it - I haven’t experimented yet.

The Labyrinth only unlocks once you pass on exactly a single legacy (e.g. Rival or Shipmate), so if you have Scion on the very first run you might have never tried passing on only one legacy.

That’s a really, really weird requirement. If that’s accurate, I feel kinda screwed over, since my beginning captains were pre-Labyrinth.

You can elect to pass on only one option even if you have Scion.
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I know, but then you’re actively passing up part of your due, rather than – as is the case with beginning captains – one Legacy being the norm and nothing being lost.

Sounds like a bug, surely? There’s nothing about the Labyrinth that screams “orphans only” - on the contrary, it’s a fun day out for the whole family.

I don’t know about the one legacy requirement, I started a shadowed stranger last weekend, got a scion and some of the legacy items; went through the Avid Horizon with the merchant (which gave the death screen), selected my 2 stats and now I have the Labyrinth of Tigers.
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Has nothing to do with Legacies. Any end that advances the Captains Have Died counter will unlock the Labyrinth.

Does anyone know how the Labyrinth of Tigers works and has sources to back it up?

Are the game’s data files sufficient? Because that’s what my statement is based on. It requires Lineage: Captains Lost (Quality Id:116006) to have a value of at least 1 before it becomes available. No other requirements. Game doesn’t even track how many legacies you selected after applying their effects, as far as I’m aware.

I’ve found two things that the Labyrinth will buy, Harlot Fry and Live Specimens, and it also sells Live Specimens. As far as I can tell a previous captain in your lineage has to die in order for all future captains in that dynasty to have access.

Okay. Now, from what I hear about the achievements related to losing captains, it seems slightly buggy. Yes?

I had a look through every possible way of losing, and it seems like having your ship sink while you have a Will written doesn’t increment the Legacy quality properly, which is probably where the problem lies. Also, I guess, some extremely exotic game overs like losing a Snuffer face-off when your crew is entirely depleted, joining the Drownies at 100 Terror and 1 Crew, dying on the Surface… it seems, basically, like if you die any way except Wounds, Crew or Hull, the quality doesn’t increase properly, and having a Will means you don’t get an increase on a Hull-death, which is the most common.

Niiiice bugspotting. That’s one to put in a bug report, I daresay. Also, do Snuffer face-offs still occur? I haven’t seen a Snuffer since early in the beta, and I thought they were super-neat.
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Snuffers should still exist, but they’re pretty rare; 25% of the time when you get someone who really wants to sign on from that SAY event, they’ll turn out to be a Snuffer. Those sort of non-island-specific SAY events didn’t really get added to any of the faraway islands, so only really happen in the places near London. It’s pretty easy to just never really come across one if you spend a long time out in the far reaches.