Labyrinth of Tigers: Fifth Coil Closed?

So I’ve made it to the Fourth coil and have been having fun breeding beasts. However, I notice the option to go to the Fifth Coil, which is locked behind Making Progress: 20. Does this indicate content yet to be added? Or am I missing a way to enter?

There is no way to enter yet. That’ll come (maybe) in a future content update.

Thanks, that’s just what I needed to know :)

So, the blamed thing is still closed two years later. I wonder if they’ll ever open it.

@Jose Hernandez We all do…

They could at least put a note saying that you cannot reach 20 MPitLoT right now.

P.S. I just realized that the abbreviation makes a nice acronym.

FBG has taken its time but it does come through eventually. The game has said for —years!-- that it would eventually be possible for one to return to Court, and now it is possible.

I hope it comes soon, I really love the Labyrinth of Tigers content!

I think of all the new content that was promised for 2017, only the Dilmun Club is now missing and that will probably be so awesome as to put all other open ends beyond notice. ;)

But yes, LoT 5th Coil is definitely on my wishlist for new content 2018! :)

:edit: :) :) :) :) :)
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The irony is quite real here.

The fifth coil is open now. It starts with a card. Then you can enter the coil, find the tiger keeper’s second office and offer tribute.

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