Kudos to FL

I keep posting random thoughts here, sorry. But I have to say: I never thought this game would be this challenging when I first dived into it. Mind you, I’ve beaten pretty much every Pokémon game there is, completed the entire Pokédex, and did some competitive battling (and that’s just one game series) but all of that is a walk in the park compared to the difficulty and madness of this game. And according to my progress and the progress of a lot of the people in this forum, this is only the beginning. I love it though. It’s a different kind of hard. It’s so refreshing and, as someone who loves a good story, this game is so goddamn good at giving them in an appealing way that makes me want to come back for more. Despite… the constant grinding, hehe. My previous gaming experience prepared me quite well for that one, at least.
edited by The Dreadful Intriguer on 3/8/2021

Agree. And I don’t understand maybe 20% of the game, due to my language limitations, but I keep playing and enjoying myself with the narrative. Of course it’s kind of… hard… but I don’t care since I enjoy the simple fact of reading.

My thoughts exactly.