Knife and Candle [needs qualities !] to continue.

Hello London,

I began my perusal of the Knife and Candle feature. Two games went along smoothly.
I am currently embroiled in combat with a dashing rival.
&quotWaiting Your Turn?&quot is 'Not Waiting for me.
My foe assures me that his quality is &quotNot Waiting (You Have This)&quot and &quotYou are Locked in a Hunt with 1&quot quality is at 1.
Yet when he challenges me, it shows &quotSister Vivian [needs qualities !]&quot

Withdrawal shows 'You have no eligible contacts&quot as well for the both of us.
Is there a delay period between consecutive attacks I am unaware of?

Thank you.&quot

Edit: Resolved after leaving London (via Heist).
edited by Sister Vivian on 3/25/2015
edited by Sister Vivian on 3/25/2015

Yes - there is a problem if you challenge the same opponent immediately. I’m not sure how long you need between bouts but 24 hours should be enough or you could try stabbing someone else.

Thank you!

I have had that problem twice I think - did not track the proceedings exactly, but it always was fixed after one of us left London and returned. We could continue as normal then.

Thanks. Joining a Heist got rid of it but it’s back now. Time to build up more Casing…! I think the person in London needs to actively target the person who isn’t in London, forcing the message to change before it can be fixed.
edited by Sister Vivian on 3/25/2015