knife and candle error

The URL ingame for how to learn about the game is 404

The game still has this link when you try to learn more about knife and candle ingame.

Wasnt sure where to report this, sorry if this is the wrong section.

By the way, anyone know how i can start playing this game if i have the danger points and token required? I have no idea since the url 404’ed
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How you play it depends on which league you’re in. I think by default you’ll be in the Iron League, but you can switch to the Moon League within the Gamekeeper’s Cottage.

First things first - you need a form. You can choose your form either by waiting until you get a Sense of Urgency in your Messages along with the token delivery, or you can utilize 1 of several cards. Those cards are: Implausible Penance, Lofty Tower, Royal Bethlehem, Western Tower, Soft-Hearted Widow, Polite Invitation, Dusty Bookshop, A little omen

After you’ve chosen a form you can start to participate.

The Iron League is card based. Using the same cards you’d use to change your form (as well as the Sense of Urgency) you can pick an opponent and choose an attack (Savage, Elusive, Baroque). If your stat is higher than the opponent’s you’ll have a greater chance of success, but you can still win or lose regardless of how the stats compare. Other players can launch their attacks against you while you are within London.

The Moon League is duel based. You invite another player to a match, and take turns raising your stats. This is entirely storylet based, so if you don’t like waiting for the right card to turn up (or being randomly attacked while waiting) this is the league for you. The Challenger gets +10 Savage (I believe), while the Challenged gets the first chance to attack. There are also gambits to change things up. You can block certain attacks (Savage or Elusive), check your opponent’s form, set your stats to 300 (strictly defensive), and raise 2 stats at once. Who wins at the end is decided in the same way as in the Iron League.

The new link for Knife-and-Candle FAQs:

[quote=Ridiculus Undarke]The new link for Knife-and-Candle FAQs:
My point was the game should update the link

You could always submit a bug report. The forum isn’t where you generally report this kind of thing.

Send bug reports here:

[quote=Sara Hysaro]You could always submit a bug report. The forum isn’t where you generally report this kind of thing.

Send bug reports here:[/quote]
Too much effort, if someone wants to report on my behalf go ahead. They should have a bug report system on this site to begin with.