Knife and Candle: can't find victims / partners.

On and off, a friend that asked to remain unnamed has, despite my stern condemnations of such illegal and depraved pursuits, attempted to engage in a certain rumoured gentlemanly &quotsport.&quot However, regardless of which league said friend is a member of, he can’t seem to be able to find new contacts to add for stabbing purposes. Any reason why that’s the case? It doesn’t seem that it’s required for him and his prey to be Acquainted… Or is it just that nobody else in London is foolish enough to engage in such nonsense?

(This person does also have the same problem with the Tournament of Lilies.)
edited by David Vallner on 11/6/2015

Hey David,

you’ll find more than enough people willing to engage in those activities in these two threads:

Knife & Candle - The Underground Leagues

Tournament of Lilies

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Ah. I found that thread, but figured it’s mainly for exchanging invitations into the game as a whole for people unwilling to part with their secrets. I wasn’t aware that they’re needed to connect two people at all once they’re in the game. Thanks!

It’s mainly a matter of casting a wide net with your contacts to find current players actively engaging in stabbings. The Fallen London Reddit maintains a monthly thread of active players, who generally indicate if they are participating in Knife and Candle, so that can be a good place to find opponents.
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