KnC rigged?

From what I’ve read on the wiki who ever is higher wins…so can someone please explain how I ALWAYS lose with a higher stat (elusive)?

I had 90, target had 80…I lose…mmk… (3x)
I had 100, target had 80…I still lose…ffs… (2x)

…someone please explain this to me before I punch a hole in my screen.

It’s not a guaranteed win with higher stats, and when the difference is so low it’s basically 50/50.

There’s an element of luck involved even when one combatant’s stat is higher than the other. Having a higher stat gives you a significantly greater chance of winning, but it’s never a guarantee. Sounds like you’ve been having a run of bad luck, honestly.

Oh bollocks, yeah it’s a long string of bad luck alright.

At least I lost to a good friend who’s giving me a chance to win items back. (hes even healing my wounds after lol)

I was quite salty in my initial post, but thank you guys for the polite responses and explanation.

Even those gambits in the Moon League that boost your stats to 300 can’t guarantee a victory despite the work it takes to bait your opponent into picking your boosted stat, so I’d say it is really luck dependent.