King of Dragon Pass

Presuming that players of FL might be interested in other text-oriented games, this old one (now available for IoS, I believe) features fine writing, lovely artwork, and a complex story in which the character’s actions are fraught with consequence. Available at GoG, too, for a pittance.
You are cast in the role of the chieftain of an agrarian clan exiled to the wilds of Dragon Pass, where you are responsible for making the decisions that will directly affect your clan’s survival. As with most such games, there are many storylines to follow, of greater or lesser complexity (some may take game-years to play out). It also shares the inevitable faults of such games: occasional continuity errors, and the recurrence of certain of the simpler stories (how ever much content there is, the amount is still finite, so some repetition is to be expected). Set in the respected fantasy world of Gloriantha.
You may want to check it out. Just beware of the ducks!

– Mal