really? i spend thousands of echoes to get a trade license, it says to look at the shop tab and it is … EMPTY? wtf? anyone else run into this problem?

guess i should have saved for that mansion …

Ports where the shops can change - the Khanate, the Iron Republic - are a bit buggy that way. Sometimes the shops appear when they should; sometimes they don’t. Saving, quitting and reopening the game might help, but I don’t know precisely what causes it or how to fix it.

hmm I ll try … probably wont be worth it either way -.- reducing suspicion is a lot harder then getting it … thnx for the suggestion

Huh,I just thought the content had not been inputted yet. I’ll swing by later myself and try this.

I had this problem, and still often do - it’s a definite bug, but one that FBG have had trouble tracking down. In general a work-around is to quit SS, restart, and the Nephrite quarter shops will then be available.