Keys, tensions and Hunter's Keep

I want to travel to Hunter’s Keep to get the Stone Tentacle-Key. But I read that in order to find it I must have the quality called “Dramatic Tension”. The problem is that as far as the wiki can tell, there’s no way to get this quality in Hunter’s Keep (And of course, getting it in London won’t help because all progress qualities are reset upon sailing away from London).

So what can I do about the matter? Is the info in the wiki even correct?

By the way, it’s going to be the first Zee voyage for me. so if I said anything wrong, please correct me.
edited by Voodoo Master on 6/4/2012
edited by Voodoo Master on 6/4/2012

You do gain Dramatic Tension on Hunter’s Keep. Going through the action cycle once will net you 1 point, which will unlock other options on certain storylets and allow you to earn your Stone Tentacle Key. I advise making grabbing the key as the next to last thing you do during your second cycle. This allows you to use the higher paying storylets until the end of the cycle, and then grab the key and repeat eh whole process.

After grabbing the key a new option appears at the end of the cycle, which will gain you 1000 glim or a Searing Enigma. Be warned that you will need to succeed on either a watchful or dangerous check to earn the key. Grabbing the key or the glim/enigma spends your dramatic tension, which is why I advise doing it next to last.

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Thank you.

In fact, don’t get Dramatic Tension before setting out to zee. You’ll lose it along with your other progresses.